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How to: Enter a Petty Cash Advance

Step 1: Select your vendor, or petty cash recipient NOTE: If you don't see the vendor you are looking for, you may click ADD NEW VENDOR.

2021-05-19 23_22_54-Petty CashVendorSelect

Step 2: Enter your transaction date and effective date.

2021-05-19 23_23_46-Greenshot image editorDates

Step 3: Enter "$0.00" for Amount Spent.

2021-05-19 23_23_46-Greenshot image editorEnvelopAmt

Step 4: Enter a description.

2021-05-19 23_27_05-Greenshot image editorPC Description

Step 5: Enter the advance amount

2021-05-19 23_28_56-Petty CashAdvanceAMoun

Step 6: Select whether you are issuing an advance via cash or check. NOTE: If you select 

"Check", after the advance is posted, a PC Advance Check will able to be printed via Bill Payments.

2021-05-19 23_51_53-Greenshot image editorCashCheck


Step 7: Click Submit. 

2021-05-19 23_34_17-Greenshot image editorSubmit