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How to: Create a Bill Payment

Step 1: On the left navigation under Accoutns Payable, click BILL PAYMENTS.

2021-05-18 23_39_55-BillPaymentsLeftNav 

Step 2: Click PAY BILLS in the top right of the screen.

2021-05-18 09_55_30-Bill Payments PayBills  

Step 3: Select the Pay From Bank Account and enter the Starting Check #.

2021-05-18 10_01_37-Create Bill PaymentBankCheck  

Step 4: Select the Division. This will only be available if your project is using divisions and allows for different approvers/check signers based on the division the bill payment is submitted to.

2021-09-16 10_48_31-RolesWithUserCount-9.13.2021.xlsx - Excel

Step 5: Click ADD BILLS.

2021-05-18 10_02_23-AddBills  

Step 6: Select the bills you would like to pay then click ADD BILLS.

2021-05-18 23_47_38-Create Bill PaymentAddBillsNeeded  

If the bills are for the same vendor and you would like to print separate checks, use the Group column.

2021-05-18 23_50_44-Grouped  

Step 7: Click SUBMIT.

2021-05-18 23_50_44-Submit