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How to: Post Payroll

Step 1: Click ALL BATCHES on the left navigation.

2020-12-10 13_33_26-All Batches

Step 2: Click on the UNPOSTED IN PROJECT tab.

2020-12-10 13_34_18-All Batches

Step 3: Click POST from the Actions drop down menu.

2020-12-10 13_39_25-All Batches

Step 4: Select an Effective Date.

2020-12-10 17_53_37-Payroll Batch

Step 5: Click on the PR TRANSACTION tab.

2020-12-10 17_20_18-Payroll Batch

Step 6: Select the WITH ERRORS tab to filter the grid for lines with errors.

2020-12-10 17_38_44-Payroll Batch

Step 7: Click EDIT to make changes and correct errors.

2020-12-10 17_39_58-Payroll Batch

All fields in blue are editable.

2020-12-10 17_42_14-Payroll Batch

Step 8: Highlight a line and click UNDO CHANGES to remove edits made or CANCEL to remove all changes if needed.

2020-12-10 17_44_46-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Step 9: Click SUBMIT to save changes. 

2020-12-10 17_43_23-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Step 10: Click CONFIRM.

2020-12-10 17_48_55-Payroll Batch

Step 11: Click POST on the bottom right.

2020-12-10 17_50_00-Inbox - laura.walton@gslate.com - Outlook

Step 12: Click CONTINUE.

2020-12-10 17_51_24-Payroll Batch

The payroll transactions will be posted to your GL and there will be an unposted GreenSlate invoice to post and pay.