Deployment v65.0 06/1/2021

New Features:

User Merging

Users will now be able to merge their old accounts and avoid a call to Support. They will be able to choose which email they want to use moving forward and when the process is complete, they will be able to find their personal info and tax documents in one place.



VICE Payroll Export

A new VICE Payroll Export CSV report has been generated that includes payroll details for employees per batch. This report can be accessed via: Integrations > Data Export > Vice Payroll Report


Digital Payroll:

Copying a timecard will now copy all attachments

Now when trying to copy a timecard, all of the attachments that were on the original timecard get added as well.


Added a notes panel to the start work wizard

To facilitate conversation between a production and its users from the startwork wizard, we’ve added the Notes widget to that page.


Copying DTC days to core for flat items will now auto populate total hours and amounts

Now when copying from gross, we send the total hours to the line as well as set the day's amount on the line. This will also be for both core and internal timecards.


Ability for employees to choose print DD vouchers has been removed

Employees no longer have the ability to enable the printing of their DD vouchers from the personal info page and payroll settings. Saving us paper and time. 


Canadian Payroll:

Updated Canadian address on from Suite 644 to Suite 652

The address has been updated on all PDF’s as well as on all out-going email footers. 


Tax Document related tiles will no longer appear for Candanian employees

Since Canadian employees don’t complete I-9’s or W-2’s, they will no longer be getting dashboard tiles directing them to complete them digitally on their dashboard when they first log-in.


Added the ability to batch download vendor attachments as a batch action

Using the “My Download” page and batch actions in the Vendors grid, users can now download single or multiple Vendor Files. Vendor Files will contain W-9’s and all attachments associated with that Vendor. 



Added pagination to the details and files panels of transactions

To go along with our increased detail lines and ensure fast page loading times and performance when adding rows and working on a transaction.


Increased number of detail lines to 200 and improved approval times in GSW

The number of detail lines on transactions has been increased from 70 to 200. This is a continuation of the performance team’s efforts to improve bulk transaction’s performance. 


UI and Usability:

Updated input alignment to match its respective input fields


Combined the detail grid components 'Add Item' and 'Amount Total'


Updated front-end styling for Bulk Edit grids


C&C Benefits Feed

We built a benefits feed with Cast & Crew Open Health for Vice. Any future clients using C&C for benefits will also be able to use this feed.