Tips and Tricks! Approval Flow Admin

Common setup and workflow tips to ensure your project is a success.


Please note that any workarounds/solutions that involve setup changes, such as updating an approval flow step, will need to be completed by a GreenSlate Implementation Specialist.  Please email with any questions or change requests. 


If division admins are not set up, documents will get stuck in the approval process without an approver.


  • Make step skippable until department heads are hired.
  • Make step not required for parent division and all documents submitted there until department heads are hired.
  • Give another user on production access to approve for all divisions temporarily.

If divisions are not set up when onboarding begins, employees will be invited to the parent division instead of their department’s division. 


  • Once divisions are added, move the members and their documents to the appropriate divisions.  Do not use Add Member because then they will have still have the option to submit their documents to the parent division leading to their documents not going to their department head for approval.


If a required approver is not working on the project yet, documents will be stuck in the approval process without an approver.

  • Make step skippable until the approver is hired.
  • Give another user temporary access to approve on that step.

Employee Roles

If employees are invited with the incorrect role, they will not receive the correct start work and/or not be able to approve their start work. 


  • Confirm with Project Setup or review the Approval Flow Steps grid to verify which employee roles should be used on your project.
  • If employees are invited with the incorrect role, update their role from the Users grid then add a new start form.


If a budget and/or chart of accounts is not provided, accounting features will not be accessible. 


  • Send the Movie Magic file to Project Setup and they will upload and enable the accounting features.  
  • If the chart of accounts is the same as another project, let Project Setup know and they can copy to the new project.

If an accounting team member needs to edit a transaction, they will not be able to if the transaction is not on their approval flow step or fully approved. 


  • Project Setup can add an “Accounting Edits” step to the approval flows between the other approver steps allowing them to edit as needed. 

Company Level Access

If a user has company level access, they will see a project as soon as it is entered in the payroll system, but they will receive errors regarding approval flows and be unable to enter any transactions or invite employees.


  • Project Setup will send a confirmation email once the setup is complete and the project can be utilized. 

Custom Forms

If employees are onboarded prior to custom forms being added to the project, they will not retroactively be required to complete these additional required forms.


  • Send custom forms to Project Setup as soon as available and wait to onboard if possible until they are uploaded.
  • Instruct the already onboarded employees to log in and complete the additional forms on their start work packet. 
  • If the forms are part of the start form, a new start form will need to be prefilled and the employee will be notified to approve. 
  • If the custom form is set up as stand alone, Project Setup can add an optional first step to the approval flow with an approver(s) assigned who can complete the initial submission of the form so that the employee will then receive a notification that it is pending their review/completion. 

Start Work

If unions are not enabled on the project, unions will not be available to be selected when prefilling start forms.


  • Send agreements to Labor Relations as soon as possible so the unions are enabled on the project prior to onboarding employees.
  • Onboard the employees as non union and once unions are added, paymaster can update their union status and adjustments will be processed. Note that the PDFs of the start work will still reflect "Non Union" if the paymaster makes the updates.
  • Prefill new start forms to the employees once the unions are added to update their union status. The start work PDFs will then show the appropriate union.


If a contract is not set up for Hours to Gross, the timecard will not auto gross. 


  • Reach out to GreenSlate Support to confirm if the contract is set up and/or if there is a setup issue on the position.
  • If the contract is not enabled for auto grossing, the timecard will need to be manually grossed.  Using Copy From to copy a prior week’s timecard can make the manual process more efficient. 
  • If the contract is enabled, and the employee was switched from non union to union, the already submitted timecard will need to be manually grossed however, the following week’s timecard will auto gross. 

If employees are required to approve hours submitted on their behalf, this will apply to all employees including SAG/DGA/ATL.


  • Project Setup can provide a user with access to submit on the employee step and bypass the Submit on Behalf step.  (Note that if this is a user who can submit on behalf of all employees, any timecard they submit will not require the approval of the employee.  To avoid this, they can use an additional email address to create a separate login to be used for the purpose of bypassing the employee approval.)

Approval Flows

If an approval flow is revised, existing/pending documents will not go through the new approval flow.


  • Wait to submit a document until the approval flow change request is completed.
  • Delete a pending document and resubmit so it goes through the new approval flow.

Accounting Codes

If coding (episode/location/set/company) is required, any users with coding access will receive an error if they do not select the code when submitting/approving.


  • Instruct approvers on which codes to select.  
  • If an incorrect code is selected, payroll accountant can update on timecards, and the accountant can update transactions/POs.

If set codes other than 000 are not available for transactions, they are not yet set up.


  • Add additional set codes via Manage Code Types. 

If free field codes are added, but the columns are not appearing on the timecards/transactions, there is a delay in the update being reflected.


  • Clear the cache and cookies on your browser.

If a crew member is submitting transactions, they will be required to select an expense account on the detail lines.


  • Create an account at the top of the chart of accounts with the description of PLACEHOLDER and instruct the crew to use that account.  Accounting can update as the transaction is being approved or after it is fully approved and unposted.