Depending on the approval flow, the employee can create their start form or it can be created for them and they need only approve. The Position and Rate fields will be available for the employee to complete, but there are additional fields to be completed by the user designated as the start form approver. 

Step 1: Click EMPLOYEES on the left navigation then click INVITE EMPLOYEE or click the + to the right of Employees.

Step 2:  Complete all fields and select the role of Digital Start Work Employee. Click PRE-FILL START WORK.

Step 3: The project start work page for the employee will open in a new window. Click ADD in the Start Form section.

Step 4: Fill out all fields in the Position section.

Step 5: Select the appropriate option for the Affordable Care Act.

Step 6: Fill out all fields in the Deal section.

Step 7: Fill out the Pay Rate section.

Step 8: Enter account codes for the employee's payroll expenses.  NOTE: These codes will be used on the digital timecards and for the payroll imports into the accounting software. The Labor Code is required.

Step 9: If NY or CA is selected as the work state, a field will appear at the bottom for the State Labor Law Form. Complete all required fields and select any allowances given.

Step 10: Click SUBMIT.

Step 11: Close the project start work window and click INVITE.

If the employee submitted the deal memo, the approver needs to complete steps 5, 7, 8 and 9 then click APPROVE.