Before an employee can complete their start work documents, they must complete their Personal Info.  If an employee attempts to go directly to Start Work, they will be redirected to the Personal Info form.

Step 1: Under My Profile on the left, click PERSONAL INFO.

Step 2: Complete all required fields in the Basic section.

Step 3: Complete all required fields in the Permanent Address section.

Step 4: Complete all required fields in the Mailing Address section or click COPY FROM PERMANENT if applicable.

Step 5: Complete the Emergency Contact section.

Step 6: Complete the Demographics section using the drop down menus. You can select "No Answer" from the drop down menu if you do not wish to provide this information.

Step 7: Select an option in the Citizenship section.

Step 8: Click SUBMIT.  

Step 9: Click YES to confirm that your SSN is correct.