With Greenslate, creating and submitting your grossing is quick and easy once the timecard hours are approved.

During grossing, the hours approved during the timecard hours approval flow can be overridden.  The timecard does not have to be rejected back to the employee in order for the hours to be changed once the timecard has reached grossing.

Step 1: Under Payroll on the left, click TIMECARDS.

Step 2: Click REVIEW in the Approval column or on the timecard number of the timecard you would like to gross.

Step 3: Scroll past the Hours section of the timecard to the Grossing section.  

Columns on the Timecard:

  • Actions: You can use the Copy/Paste feature to enter the hours for one day, then copy and paste them to another day(s).  You can also use the Split option if the employee's day needs to be split for reasons such as two different positions with different rates being worked on that same day.
  • Worked: If the actual times do not have to be entered, you can check the Worked box to mark that the employee worked that day. (You can enter his/her hours in the Hours column to calculate.)
  • Date: Days of that week's timecard. 
  • Position: The position the employee worked that day.
  • Day Type: Work, travel, vacation, etc.
  • In: Start of work day.
  • Lunch: Start/end and meal penalty (MP) if applicable.
  • Dinner: Start/end and meal penalty (MP) if applicable.
  • Wrap: End of work day.
  • Total Hrs: Total hours for the day.
  • Hours: Enter in the amount of hours for each column based on how much the employee should be paid for those hours.  For example, if an employee works 10 hours and they should be paid his/her hourly rate for the first 8 then 1.5X his/her hourly rate for all additional hours that day, enter 8 in the 1X column and 2 in the 1.5X column.
  • $ Day Total: Total pay for that day.
  • Acct: The expense account that the payroll should be coded to.  This is configured by project.

NOTE: If you would like to utilize episode/location codes, free field codes, or tax credit codes on the project, please contact support and we can enable them for you.  They will appear as an additional column when grossing.

Step 4: Enter the employee's Total Hrs in the appropriate Hours columns and enter the account if you like.

Review the grossed subtotal in the Totals table.

Step 5: In the Other Earnings & Deductions section, add any additional items that the employee should receive compensation and/or have compensation withheld for.

If you would like to leave a note for anyone else involved in the timecard grossing approval, you can enter it in the Notes section.  You can have a private conversation with the other approvers in the timecard grossing approval flow.  These notes cannot be viewed by the employee.

Step 6: Once all hours have been grossed and any earnings & deductions or notes have been entered, click SUBMIT.

If you've made a mistake when grossing, you can access the timecard again by clicking on the ID from the Timecards page and then click EDIT to make changes. This option is only available if the timecard has not yet been approved by the person approving the grossing you are submitting.