GreenSlate has some exciting new features in 7.7.4!

Tax Credit Summary Filter by Location

When there are multiple locations in your project, you now have the option to filter for a specific location in the Tax Credit Summary window.  Select the location from the locations drop down menu and the window will refresh with only those specific transactions.

Tax Credit Summary Unassigned Count Column

When looking for unassigned transactions in the Tax Credit Summary window, there is a new Unassigned Count column which will show how many lines of that transaction do not currently have a tax credit code assigned to them.  Double click on the transaction to view the detail lines then click Zoom on a specific line to assign the tax credit code.

Bill Effective Date/Check Date/Period End Date Warning

To help prevent the use of an incorrect date, there is a new date warning feature.  When entering the effective date on a bill that is greater than 30 days from the current date or if you are entering a check date on a manual check that is greater than or less than 30 days from the current date, a confirmation required window will open in case this is incorrect.  In addition, if the period end date is greater than or less than 7 days from the current date when closing a period, a warning will appear bringing this to your attention.  These warnings will not prevent you from using these dates; simply click Yes to continue.

2016-10-12%2013_08_58-Indieware%20v7.9.0%20%20%20LOCATION%20ENFORCED%20PROJECT%20-%20__Remote.png      2016-10-12%2013_11_40-Confirmation%20required%20-%20__Remote.png      2016-10-12%2013_13_01-Indieware%20v7.9.0%20%20%20LOCATION%20ENFORCED%20PROJECT%20-%20__Remote.png

PC Envelope Template

In addition to our current templates, there is a new PC Envelope template.  Fill out and copy the template in excel then go to the PC entry window and click Grab Clipboard while the template is still highlighted.  The detail lines of the PC envelope will populate automatically.  The date, vendor and description from the template will merge to create the description for each line.  The top portion of the entry window will have to be entered manually.  Click Save once all required fields highlighted in yellow are completed. (Template is attached below.)


Account Format PC/PO Template

We have a new Account Format template that can be used with the Grab Clipboard feature in the PC and PO entry windows.  Fill out and copy the template in excel then go to the PC or PO entry window and click Grab Clipboard while the template is still highlighted.  This template will create the descriptions for the detail lines based on the information in the 3 description fields (Date, Paid to Vendor Name and Reason).  The cells on the template in grey can be modified based on your chart of accounts as a quick reference for expense accounts.  (Templates are attached below.)