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How to: Approve a Bill Payment

Step 1: On the left navigation under Accounts Payable, click BILL PAYMENTS.

2021-05-18 23_39_55-BillPaymentsLeftNav

Step 2: Click the REVIEW button for the bill payment you would like to approve.

2021-05-18 23_53_32-Review

Step 3: Right click on Trans # in the Bills section then click OPEN IN NEW TAB or double-click Trans # to view the bills included in the bill payment.

2021-05-18 23_54_17-Trans

Step 4: Click APPROVE if the bill payment is correct or REJECT to send it back to the previous approver to make necessary changes.

 2021-05-18 23_54_17-Approve

NOTE: If the check run is rejected, a window will open. You will have to enter a reason for rejecting, which can be viewed by the employee.