Going Digital! Tips for Success


  • Internet or cellular access is needed to submit and approve start work and timecards. If your production is in a remote location, test your internet and, if needed, set up wireless internet hotspots. INTERNET ACCESS TIP: To check your internet speeds, visit speedtest.net. We recommend that your minimum upload and download speed is not lower than 5 Mbps. If your internet speed is slower than this, we recommend setting up wireless internet hotspots on set.
  • Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to run our application.  We do not support Internet Explorer.
  • See where a document is in the approval process by clicking on ‘Pending’ in the ‘Approval’ columns.  This is the quickest way to see who still needs to take action on an outstanding document.
  • Adjust the approval flow at any time! If you find that your approval flow has too many or too few steps, needs additional approvers or approvers removed, just let us know and we’ll make that update for you in minutes.


  • Capture all the information you need, all in one place.  Have additional forms other than the I-9, W-4 and start form that the employee needs to submit? Send them our way and we can set them up to be completed digitally.
  • Start onboarding ASAP! Use prep days for department heads to complete and familiarize themselves with digital startwork, and let the crew know in advance that you’re going digital.
  • Once you have employee email addresses, invite employees.  Getting employees set up early allows for questions to be addressed ahead of time. (Important: Employees must have an email address to be invited to the project.)
  • Loan Outs need to complete their start work via paper.   Download the PDF from the ‘Loan Out’ tab within the ‘Project Start Work’ page and send the completed form to your paymaster to enter the employee for you. Once their start work is submitted and approved, invite Loan Outs to enter timecards using this quick process.
  • All required start work must be submitted and approved before an employee can submit a timecard.
  • Use custom views to organize your data to manage employees, start work and timecards.  Check out how to customize your views.
  • To approve the payroll preview, all timecards in a batch must be fully approved.  If you’re notified that the preview is ready but the ‘Approve’ button isn’t clickable, a timecard in your batch is still pending. Once approval is complete, you’re ready to print, mail or pick up your checks! Direct deposit payees receive automatic payment notifications and can download their vouchers from within the app -- no paper!
  • Download our desktop app and request GreenSlate check stock for on-site check printing.


  • Grant crew members access to submit their own POs, PC and CP envelopes. Instead of accounting creating all POs, PC and CP envelopes, crew members can be given access to submit their own.  
    • Grant Department Heads access to approve POs, PC and CP envelopes.  Using Divisions, department heads can be given access to approve the transactions submitted by the crew members in their department ensuring that the transaction is going through the correct approvals before reaching Accounting.  If individual crew members are not going to submit transactions, Department Heads can also submit for their whole Department.
    • AP check signer(s) should use a stylus to save their signature before the first AP check printing. To ensure that the signature looks legitimate and will be accepted by the bank, the check signer(s) should use a stylus and save their signature as soon as they have access to the project. When they approve their first bill payment, the checks will be ready to print with their saved signature.
  • Use Bank Accounts to set up your check ranges. If you’re going to be using a mix of auto/manual/wire/ACH payments, set up your check ranges in Bank Accounts and you’ll never have to worry about adjusting your check numbers when submitting a bill payment.
  • Enable/Add coding ASAP. Use Manage Codes to enable and add codes, such as location/episode codes, set codes, free field codes that will be used on your transactions so you can start coding your transactions as soon as they are entered.  These codes will also be available for timecards.
    • Utilize conditional approval flow steps. If someone on production only wants to approve transactions of a certain dollar amount or higher, request to use a conditional approval flow step so that the user does not have to approve all transactions. 
    • Require document uploads/EIN on vendors.  If crew members are given access to submit vendors for POs/bills/check Requests, but you will only accept vendors that have W9 or EIN, GreenSlate can enable a setting so that it is required for the crew member to provide upon submitting the vendor instead of the vendor needing to be rejected after submission without this information.
    • Use a placeholder account for transaction submissions. If you find that crew members are often asking what account to use when submitting a PO/bill/check request, add an account to your chart of accounts called “Placeholder Account” and tell the crew to use that account.  The other approvers/accountant will be able to update the account coding as needed.