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How to: Create Avery Labels from GSA's Vendor Export List

To create Avery labels, create our Vendor Export List, and export to excel, then follow these steps: 

  1. Visit www.avery.com

  2. Create Account

  3. Start a new project

  4. Choose template number based on your labels

  5. Select design

  6. Save the "Import Data Mail Merge" excel file (or see attached)

  7. Copy and paste over data to the applicable fields on the Mail Merge file from the Vendor Export List, and save. 

  8. Browse for file from your computer, select the "Data Mail Merge" excel file

  9. Uncheck the unused fields

  10. Arrange Fields (drag over fields from left to right and click next)

  11. Click "Finish"

  12. Click "Preview and Print".

  13. Click "Skip This Step"

  14. Choose to Print or Save