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How to: Approve Hours

When a timecard is entered by an employee, at least one member of Production will have to approve it before timecard grossing can be completed.  Note: When timecard hours are submitted on behalf of employees, the employee will be required to review and approve or reject the timecard hours before timecard hours will be finalized by a member of Production. 

Step 1: Under Payroll on the left, click TIMECARDS.


Step 2: Click REVIEW in the Approval column or on the timecard number of the timecard you would like to approve.


Step 3: Click APPROVE if the timecard is correct or REJECT to send it back to the previous approver to make necessary changes.  Once a timecard has been signed, it becomes read-only.  If you would like the employee to make changes to the hours, it will have to be rejected back to him/her.  If you do not wish to reject the timecard, the hours can also be overridden during grossing.  NOTE: The coding columns cannot be edited when the timecard has become read-only.  These can be entered if the timecard is prefilled for the employee or in grossing.


NOTE: If the timecard is rejected, a window will open. You will have to enter a reason for rejecting which can be viewed by the employee.

 Timecard Hours Approve - Reject Window

Step 4: Sign in the window that appears by holding the left mouse button while signing on a desktop computer or by using your finger if on a mobile device.  NOTE: Your signature will be saved for future approvals after you have completed this step once.

Timecard Hours - Signature Sample

You can view a timecard's status in the approval flow from the Timecards page in the Hours column....

Timecard Hours Approve - Status Column

or by clicking VIEW in the Actions column for that timecard then clicking HISTORY at the bottom of the page.

 Timecard Hours Approve - Actions Menu View Option


Timecard Hours Approve -Approval History Button

From the Timecard Status window, you can view the steps of the approval flow.  

Timecard Hours Approve - Timecard Status Window Employee Only

To print a PDF of the timecard, click PRINT then HOURS PDF.

Timecard Hours Approve - Actions Menu View To Print Option


Timecard Hours Approve - Timecard Print