How to: Submit the I-9

The information on the employee's I-9 will be populated from the Personal Info area.

Step 1: Under My Profile on the left, click PROJECT START WORK.

Step 2: Click ADD in the I-9 field.


Step 3: Enter your hire date.


Step 4: Add your I-9 documents in the I-9 Documents field.  Click ADD ITEM.


Step 5: Enter the issuing authority, the document number, select the document type from the drop down menu and enter the expiration date, if applicable. Add a photo of the front of the document: 


Step 6: Click ADD.


NOTE: You must add either 1 document from List A or 1 document from List B and 1 document from List C.  For information on I-9 document types, you can click here

Step 7: Click SUBMIT.

Step 8: Sign in the window that appears by holding the left mouse button while signing on a desktop computer or by using your finger if on a mobile device.  NOTE: Your signature will be saved for future approvals after you have completed this step once.