How to: Navigate GreenSlate Accounting Software (Citrix)

Home Screen

The home screen is the first screen you will see upon logging in. 

The top and middle icons are category tabs.  When you select a category, its corresponding entry window will open, giving you quick access to the accounting task you are looking to perform.

Menu headers are located above the top icon bar.  Clicking and holding onto a menu header produces a drop down menu.

A selected drop down menu will provide a variety of accounting options that are related to that menu header.

Icon Guide

Each icon provides easy access/shortcuts to the most frequently used functions.

Chart of Accounts: To view, add, edit or drill down into all accounts.

Enter PO: Enter new purchase orders.

Enter Bills: Displays the Enter Bill window.

 Enter PC: Enter a new petty cash envelope.

Adding Journal Entry: Displays Journal Entry window.

 Import: Displays CSV file import for importing Amex, CASHét, and other CSVs. 

 Import Payroll: Displays Import Payroll window by effective date.

 Employee: Access all empoyee Information.

 Vendors: Access vendor detail, add new vendors, change codes.

 Unposted Transactions: Browse entered, but unposted transactions.

 Post: DIsplays the posting window.

 Pay Bills: Displays the Bill Pay selection and then Check Printing windows.

 Bank Reconcile: Displays the Account/Bank Reconciliation window.

 Browse POs: Edit, add new, close and produce PO reports.

 Browse Bills: Search AP to add, edit, close, and/or delete transactions.

 Browse Petty Cash: Edit, add new, close petty cash envelopes.

 Search GL: Edit, add new, close and print selected ledger activity.

 Cost Reporting: Displays the live interactive cost report by effective date.

 Reports: All reports can be accessed from this Report window.

 Tax Credits: Displays the Tax Credit Summary.

 Document Management: Access uploaded documents not assigned to accounts.

 Settings: Maintain company vendors, company employees and general info.

 Quit: Exit the software.