How to: Use the Chart of Accounts Window (Citrix)

You can access the Chart of Accounts window by selecting it from the top menu bar or the Chart of Accounts icon.

The Chart of Accounts consists of all balance and cost report accounts in your project.

The accounts are displayed as rows with 13 columns.

From left to right, they are:

Account: The account code.

Set: The set code.

Description:  Description for the account.

Acct. Type: The type of account (ex: E1 is an expense account). 

Currency: Currency assigned to that account.

Actual Cost: Amount of all costs for that account to date. 

POs: Amount of all open POs committed to date. 

Total Cost:  Amount of total cost to date.  Actual cost to date + open POs committed to date. 

ETC: Estimate to completion. The amount left to spend in an account line.  EFC - Total Cost. 

EFC: Estimated final cost. Total anticipated cost of an account line. 

Budget: Original budgeted amount for that account.

App  Overage:  Amount allocated as an approved overage.

Variance:  Amount the EFC is above/(below) the Budgeted amount. 

Suppress Zero/Show Sets:

You have the option to hide any accounts that currently do not have any money attached to them by checking the box to Suppress Zeros.  

If you are using Set Codes in your project, the View Sets option will be checked by default.  If you would like to view the Chart of Accounts without the Sets, uncheck the VIEW SETS box.


Drilling Down in the Chart of Accounts:

Double-click on any account line and the ledger for that account will appear in a new window.

Double-click on any line within the account ledger and the details of that transaction will appear in a new window.  NOTE: Any line within the account ledger highlighted in green indicates an unposted transaction.  Anything highlighted in red is a voided transaction.

Right Clicking in the Chart of Accounts: 

If you right click on an account line from the Chart of Accounts window, you will see the following options in the drop down: 

Ledger for Account: Click to view all transactions in the selected account.  

Reconcile Account: Click to open the Reconcile Account window for the selected account.

Browse PO items: Click to view all POs for the selected account.

Edit COA: Click to edit or maintain the Chart of Account information.

Chart of Accounts Hot Links:

For quick access, the top portion of the window has hot links.

Export Accounts to CSV: Exports the Chart of Accounts to a CSV File.

Export Budget to Excel: Exports the project budget to Excel.

Cost Report: Displays the current Cost Report in the Report Preview window.

Trial Balance: Displays the current Trial Balance in the Report Preview window.

EFC + Budget Changes: Takes you directly to the ETC/EFC Changes window.

Close Period: Take you directly to the Close Period window.