How to: Import/Post Payroll (Citrix)

Importing Payroll

Step 1: Click the Import Payroll icon from the home page.

Step 2: The Payroll Weekly History window will appear.  Select the appropriate pay run to import and click ZOOM.

  • Department number and Department name columns are the first columns in the Payroll Detail tab and are the default sort for payroll. This is a more convenient sort order for review of the Payroll Preview. However, as always, you can change the sort of the payroll run by clicking the header of any column.
  •  An error Legend has been provided at the top right of the window. (For example, if the error is for an invalid account, look at your budget to make sure the employee payroll account is correct and that it exists in your Chart of Accounts.)  You will have to make corrections on both the Payroll tab and Employees tab.
  •  If set codes have been required for budgeting the default “00” set codes are automatically filled in for non-set coded costs for all expense accounts. If your payroll has many blank set code lines which can be caused by a blank/invalid account number or in some cases for a trial balance account, you use the feature Fill In Blank Set Codes’ button and all blank set code lines will be filled in with the default “00”.

Once you have corrected all errors on the Employees tab, you will be able to click UPDATE THE EMPLOYEE FILE if it is a new employee on payroll or UPDATE PR DETAIL TAB if you made any changes that should be permanently reflected on payroll.  If the changes made were just for this payroll, do not update and just make the changes manually.

Payroll Employee Labor Adjustment

You are able to adjust/split a labor line as many times as needed.  This can be used to move some of the labor from the imported expense account to a new expense account.

Step 1: From the Payroll tab, click on the labor line and click ADD ADJ FOR EMP.

A two-line adjustment then appears in your payroll import- the Automatic Offset Line which relieves the original labor line by the total amount of the adjustment and the New Rec Added line.

Step 2: Code the New Rec Added line to the new account the labor applies to.  You can adjust the amount as well.  To add another split line, highlight the New Rec Added line and click ADD ADJ FOR EMP again.  You can add as many new lines as necessary to make the adjustment.

Posting Payroll

Step 1: In order to post the payroll, you must first generate a Payroll Preview.  Click PREVIEW and click YES to print and review the pay run.  You have the option to complete the printing for your records, otherwise, exit the preview.

Step 2: Click POST TO GL and select YES to import.  

The import automatically debits the employee labor lines and credits the Payroll Clearing Account.  After you post payroll the system will automatically create a payroll invoice.  The invoice will be found in the Posting window under its own batch.

Automatic payroll invoices that are generated by a payroll import using the invoice number from GreenSlate as its invoice number so you can easily track and match the amounts.

Step 3: From the GL Posting window, select the PAYROLL INVOICE and POST.  

To learn how to pay your payroll invoice, click here to view our article on How To: Pay Bills.