How to: Use the Entry Windows (Citrix)

All entry windows can be opened by either clicking on the icon on the home page...

...or by using the drop down main menu bar at the top of the screen.

Each entry window is divided into an upper and a lower section.

The upper section prompts you to choose the batch # (your default batch is selected), vendor code, invoice # and description.  The description written in the top section will print on the check.

The bottom section is the distribution portion of the transaction.  Multiple line items can be added in order to distribute the amount of the transaction to different cost accounts. The Acct and Description fields in the lower portion will post to the cost accounts in the General Ledger.

NOTE: All information highlighted in yellow must be completed.  If these fields are not completed or if the distribution entered does not match the total amount, the system will not allow the transaction to be saved.  Once all fields are entered and the distribution amount is accurate, the Save button becomes active and the message READY TO SAVE will appear in green. 

Click SAVE and the system will issue you a transaction #.

When the applicable coding or information is not available, you will need to complete certain setup to save a transaction. Below are links to common setup that are available for you to enter. 


How To Add An Account

How To Enter a New Vendor

How To Setup the Bank Vendor



Contact Support if you need to modify user permissions, add/remove users, enforce set/location coding, import attached sets, apply tax credit coding, or import a budget.