Budget Options to Consider

1. Require Set Codes for Budgeting

When you want to require set codes for budgeting on your project, you will manually spread your budget among the set codes.

Note: Only support can change your project to one that has set codes required for budgeting.  Please contact support if you would like this enabled.

Once this option is enabled, the software creates a default 00, 000, or 0000 ("00") for each expense account, depending on the set code mask that has been set up.  These default set codes will be used for all non-set coded costs and payroll import.  If there are existing costs in the header/rollup account, they are automatically moved to the default "00" set code account.  The header/rollup account is only a total of the sets and no costs can be posted to this account.

In the Chart of Accounts w/Sets, see the "00" lines only for accounts that have a cost that is not set coded.  Any reports with the "00" lines are suppressed unless a cost not associated with another set code exists in them. .

When making ETC/EFC/BUDGET changes, you will only be able to make changes to the set coded accounts (those accounts in white in the above Cost Report).  The header/rollup accounts will not be editable.  They will hold the total of the set codes only.  These header/rollup accounts are highlighted in grey in the Budget Changes window.

2. Multiple Budgets Setup Using Location/Episode Codes

If you have multiple budgets, you can use location/episode codes for budgeting.  Each budget will be imported to a specific location/episode code and whenever a transaction is entered, a code will be selected so the transaction applies to that budget.  

When viewing the Chart of Accounts or the Trial Balances Report, you will be able to filter by location/episode(ONLY IF LOCATION IS ENFORCED)

3. Enforced vs. Non-Enforced Location

When using multiple locations, you have the option of whether or not the location will be enforced.  

Enforced: A single location must be assigned for each transaction in order to save the transaction.  You will be able to use the Trial Balances Report for a specific location.

Non-Enforced: Multiple locations can be assigned to a single transaction.  You will NOT be able to use the Trial Balances Report for a specific location (for reasons such as one check paying for transactions at multiple locations but is drawn from the checking account of only one location).

Note: If you would like the Location to NOT be enforced on your budgets, please contact support to disable.