How to: Use the Cost Report Worksheet (Citrix)

You can make your ETC, EFC, Budget and Approved Overages all at once using this report.  This enables better planning and matching the EFC when budget changes are being made.  The Variance column shows the cumulative variance and updates in real time as you are making your changes.  All EFC/Budget changes have an effective date associated with them.  When making EFC changes, you must choose a date that corresponds with your planned pending period effective date range.  The EFC Changes form will then reflect only costs and PO commits applicable to that ending effective date.


Note: EFC changes must be progressive.  You cannot backdate before previous changes. You are only able to edit the budget here after first period close. 

To start making changes:

Step 1: Click the Cost Reporting icon on the homepage.

Step 2: Enter an effective date and whether locations/episodes are in use.

Step 3: Click EDIT.

Caution! Changes to App Overage column will not automatically affect the EFC column.

Step 4: Anything in blue on the report can be edited.  Once a change is made, a description for the change must be entered in order to save.  If you have the same reason for multiple changes, check the box to Use Default Reason for Change Below.  All descriptions are saved in the Cost Report Worksheet.


Note: Changes can also be made using the Revised and Additional boxes.  If using the Additional box, type in the amount you would like to add or subtract from the ETC/EFC.  To use the Revised box, type in the final amount you would like for your ETC/EFC.


Step 5: Click PREVIEW COST REPORT to preview your report before committing to the changes that were made.

Step 6: If you need to rollback a change on a row, click ROLLBACK SELECTED ROW'S CHANGES ONLY to reverse the change before saving.


Step 7: To exit the window without saving your changes, click ROLLBACK/CANCEL ALL CHANGES and then click CLOSE.

Once Save Changes is clicked, the EFC, ETC, and Approval changes are immediately recorded and reflected in the Chart of Accounts and Cost Report.

Note: You can access your EFC Changes Report from the Cost Report to see a list of all the changes that have been made to the project since it started.