How to: Edit POs (Citrix)

When closing a period, open and partial PO lines will be closed for that period and automatically be reissued to the new period as an open PO detail line.  You will be able to edit distribution and other coding on current period open PO detail lines only.  


To edit a current period partial PO detail line:


Step 1: Click VENDORS and choose Browse POs from the drop down menu.  Double click on a specific PO.



Step 2: Right-click on the line you would like to edit and click REISSUE PO DETAIL LINE.  This will create a new Open current period editable line.



To edit a closed PO detail line:

Step 1: Click VENDORS and choose Browse PO's from the drop down menu.  On the upper right, select ALL to see closed POs.  Double-click on a specific PO.



Step 2: Right-click on the line you would like to edit and click CLONE PO DETAIL LINE.  This will create a new open current period editable line.



Note: If a PO detail line was relieved on a posted transaction, there will be details of the transaction on the bottom of the Enter PO Window including EFFECTIVE DATE, INVOICE #, and AMOUNT.


PO Browse Window:

The PO Browse window displays Free Codes, Currency, Tax Credits and 1099 fields so you can sort and find your POs quickly.

  • All: The All check box displays all of the closed PO lines as well as the open and partial POs
  • Show History: The Show History check box will display all closed PO lines with the status type reissued
  • Status: Displays the status of the PO line open, closed or partial
  • Status Type: Shows the type of status (pending means the PO has been relieved on an unposted item/ reissued means the PO has been closed and reissued either by closing the period or by right clicking a partial PO line and selecting Reissue PO detail line)
  • Effective Date: This is the date the PO will start showing up on the Cost Report
  • Close Date: This is the date the PO will stop appearing on the Cost Report
  • Over/Under: This is the amount the PO line was under or over used when relieved on an invoice

Making Edits to your New Clone or Reissued PO Line:

Once you have successfully created a new open PO line by using the Clone or Reissue action above, you will need to edit the Amount column to the desired amount.




PO details are effective date driven. Every line of a PO has a starting effective date. When a line is partially or fully relieved, that relief has the effective date of the invoice or PC it is relieved on. Open balances are calculated for a given date depending on the open, relieved and closed effective dates of the PO detail line. The Cost Report PO commits column is calculated depending on the beginning and ending effective dates of the Cost Report and how they relate to the open, relief and closed effective date of the PO detail line.


Pending PO's:

There is a new pending status type for POs.  When POs are on unposted transactions, it remains open with a partial/pending status type and shown as unrelieved on the Cost Report and Chart of Accounts.

Deleting or Voiding bills or PC's that a PO is relieved on:

  • When a PO is relieved on an unposted transaction and that transaction is deleted, the PO will remain open.
  • When a PO amount is relieved on a posted transaction that is voided, that PO amount will remain closed.