How to: Enter a New Vendor (Citrix)

Step 1: From the Vendors drop down menu, select ADD NEW VENDOR.

Step 2: Fill out all the information on the screen. **Anything highlighted in YELLOW is required in order to save.** You must select a tax entity button to indicate Individual, LLC, Partnership, or Corporation.  If you would like the vendor to have a default 1099 code, you can select 1099 BY DEFAULT in the vendor-specific box.  It will then be autofilled when entering an invoice.

Step 3: If you have a document you would like to attach, click ATTACHMENT and select ATTACH FILE.

Step 4: Select the document from your computer (select Computer>Local Disk C: Drive>Users>Your name) and enter the file name you would like in the Enter File Name to Save With window.

Step 5: Click SAVE.

Step 6: You can see a complete list of your vendors by selecting BROWSE VENDORS from the Vendors drop down menu.


Quick Adding a Vendor

Step 1: Type in the new vendor code in the Vendor field of any entry screen (Add Bills, for example) and a prompt will come up and ask if you want to Quick Add or Setup a new vendor. Quick Add will set up a vendor with just a vendor code and pay name.  **If you quick add a vendor, do not forget to enter the rest of the vendor information on the Vendor Info window after you have completed the transaction.** 

Employee and Vendor Validation by SSN/EIN 

Duplicate vendors are prevented with SSN/EIN validation.  If you attempt to add a vendor with an SSN or EIN that is already in use by another vendor, you will receive an error message.  

Saving an Employee as a Vendor

Step 1: Click BROWSE EMPLOYEES from the Employees drop down menu.


Step 2: Highlight the Employee then click DETAIL.


Step 3: Click SAVE AS VENDOR.

Step 4: Enter the vendor code and click OK.


The new vendor will be listed in the Browse Vendors window.