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Print/Save to PDF (Citrix)

 To save reports to PDF format, please follow the instructions below:   

Step 1: Click on the REPORTS icon on the home screen.    

Step 2: Choose the desired report to print and click RUN.

Step 4: Click PRINT.     

Step 5: When the report preview appears on the screen,

click the PRINTER icon.    

Step 6: Click CUTE PDF WRITER then click PRINT.

Step 7: Click on the screen and a “SAVE AS” box will pop up.  You will use the drop down menu and choose the Local Disk (C: on your computer name).        

Step 8: Click on the USERS file.     

Step 9: Click your NAME.    

Step 10: After you click  your name, you are on your computer.  Choose the location you would like to save the PDF file to.    

Step 11: Citrix will ask for access to your files.  Click the READ & WRITE button as well as the DON’T ASK ME AGAIN button.

Mac Computer Example



PC Computer Example