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Release Notes 56.0 10/29/2020

Managing Roles

Easily modify a user’s access with the new Manage Roles functionality.

To manage a user’s access and roles, click Users on the left navigation, search for the user’s name, then click the blue link in the Roles column and a popup module will appear. From the popup module, Approvers can assign or remove roles. 

Assigning a role:

Users with Approver access on a project can quickly assign an employee an additional role. 

For example, if an employee is initially only invited to complete digital start work, but then needs additional permissions, the approver can assign a role for the employee to be able to submit POs, be assigned a training, etc.  

To assign a role: 

  1. From the Manage Roles popup module, click into the field and a dropdown menu will appear with all roles available to assign.
  2. Click the role to assign.
  3. Click Save.

Removing a role: 

Users with Approver access on a project can also easily remove a role in no time if an employee is accidentally assigned to a role or an employee’s role changes. 

To remove a role: From the Manage Roles popup module, click the X next to the assigned role to remove. 


Managing Access to Vendors

Manage the crew’s access to specific vendors with the new Public Vendor setting. 

Crew members who submit transactions to accounting can view/submit transactions for all public vendors in the project. If a vendor is restricted, the public setting can be disabled so that crew members will no longer have access. All vendors created by employees with payroll processed in the project are restricted by default. 

To update a vendor to restricted: 

  1. Click Vendors on the left navigation. 
  2. Click View Vendor Profile from the dropdown menu next to the vendor’s name.
  3. Click Edit. 
  4. Uncheck the “is Vendor Public” checkbox under the vendor name. 
  5. Click Save.

Managing Codes

Enabling and adding codes to a project is now even easier with the new Manage Codes feature. 

Production accountants can enable location/episode codes, set codes, 1099 codes, and free field codes, then add the specific codes to utilize for each. Once a code is added, it can immediately be used on both payroll and accounting documents and transactions.

To enable a code: 

  1. Click Manage Codes on the left navigation. 
  2. Click Enable from the Actions dropdown menu next to the code. 
  3. To add specific codes, click View from the Actions dropdown menu.
  4. Click Add Item. 
  5. Fill out all of the fields for the new code. 
  6. Click Save. The code will be active by default.