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Release Notes 46.0 05/06/2020

Timecard Batching

Quickly select multiple timecards from the timecards grid and add them to an existing batch or create a new batch to send to your paymaster with our new timecard batching functionality..   

To add timecards to an existing batch: Check the boxes to the left of the timecards, then select “Send to Batch” from the  “Actions” drop-down menu. From the “Add to Batch” window, select the batch then click “Add to Batch.”  


To add timecards to a new batch: Check the boxes to the left of the timecards, then select “Create New Batch” from the “Actions” drop-down menu.  From the “Create Batch” page,  you can name your batch, select your pay date, enter a memo, and save your timecards to the new batch. 


Timecard Auto Grossing

Grossing timecards is now even faster with our new  auto grossing feature. Once a timecard's hours are approved, the application will automatically gross the timecard based on the contract and position/rate set up for that employee. If needed, you will also still be able to override the auto calculations before submitting grossing.

If you currently  use the “Calculate Hours to Gross” button and would prefer to have the auto grossing feature disabled, please contact GreenSlate Support.  

NOTE: All projects are set up with Non Union per Industry Standards hours to gross. If further customization is needed, or if there is an additional union you would like hours to gross enabled for, please contact Support.


Timecard Reminder: Sending Day

Now you can decide when your  employees should  receive timecard reminder emails to ensure your employees submit their hours on time.  

Currently, the default timecard reminder day is Friday. If you would like to change your reminders to a different day, please reach out to GreenSlate Support to make that update. The reminders will then send t on your requested day going forward to all employees who had payroll processed the previous week.

Default Timecard Weekending Date

Now you can select the default week for employee timecards, making it less likely for employees to create timecards with incorrect weekending dates. 

All projects are set up with the previous week as the default. If you would prefer to have the current week as the default week, please contact GreenSlate Support to make this update.