Deployment v45.0 04/21/2020


  • Clean up HTML so we don't have lingering/orphaned nodes. This is a fix on the way we navigate from page to page, where we didn't destroy all the kendo elements associated with the current page. Now we delete all the kendo objects that are no longer needed on the new page we navigated to.


  • Optimize ‘general_ledger_invoice_fetchbyvendorid’. The entire stored procedure was refactored to lower resource usage as it was flagged for using too much CPU.

Digital Payroll:

  • Custom Start Forms - We can now attach any custom form to our GreenSlate Start Form and use values from our Start Form to populate values in other forms. This fulfills a major request made by Disney.


  • Custom Forms Versioning - Different versions of Custom Forms can now be created, allowing them to be used safely for any approval flow. 


  • Timecard Reminders - Clients can now specify which day of the week timecard reminders are sent to their employees


  • Timecards PDF - Our enhanced Timecard PDF 2.0 is now enabled by default for all new projects


  • Timecard Batches - We’ve added an action on the Timecards page to allow Timecard Batch creation straight from the Timecards page. This fulfills a client request from Netflix.

Accounting features:

  • Bank Recs - We now allow users to reconcile their bank statement transactions.


  • Change History - Users can now see changes to Purchase Orders in a history modal. 


  • Close Period - A new grid has been added, with all the past close period information.


  • Close Period -The ability to close periods has been migrated as well from GSA. 


  • Cost Report - Line Producers and Accountants will be able to review their cost reports and make corrections and changes to budgets.


  • Location/Episodes on Cost Reports - We added a breakout of Location/Episodes in the filters of all Cost Reports. The Cost Report was updated to print Location/Episode totals under each accounting line.


  • Check Runs - We now send an email informing the creator of a Check Run that they’re able to print.


  • Transactions / POs - We’ve added ‘Vendor’ and ‘Amount’ fields to Change History Modal.


  • Edit Bank Info - Payments Range functionality from GSA has been added. Users can now enter payment ranges in the Edit Bank Info page.


  • Client Invoice - For transactions with the Item Name "GRT" we added to the memo field the Line Item Description that is entered in the Payroll Fee setup of a particular GRT.


  • We now allow Multi-currency in all accounts. We’ve added the ability to associate all balance sheet accounts (except Bank Account - CK, BA),  with all currencies set up in the project.


  • Turn off Pay Runs - In the Project configuration screen on GSA, a new button was added to disable Payruns.


Other changes:

  • Projects grid - A ‘First Invoice’ field was added to the Projects grid.


  • Various Canadian Payroll updates were made.

From Patches:

  • Added SUI Cost to EOR Quarter Report
  • Added an Export Account option for Castifi Fees in System and Quickbooks