Deployment v44.0 04/07/2020


  • To optimize system speed and stability, an optimization of the Printable Checks Grid query was made.
  • To expedite page loading times, we now load live chat asynchronously and have removed YouTube requests from initial page load, to not block the page from rendering until these are loaded. 
  • Another speed enhancement - we now load html templates only when they are needed, instead of loading them when the site initially loads.
  • An "All" custom grid view has been added to the ‘User’ Invites grid
  • Values populated in the 'Citizenship' field on I-9 PDF have been changed to numeric values for compliance
Timecards/Paymaster Timecards:
  • 'Lunch' columns are now enabled by default on Timecards
  • We now display in codes in the 'Other Earnings' & 'Deductions' sections of the Timecard PDF. These were previously left off to preserve space.
  • The flat amount day type logic has been extended to all unions except for Holiday Paid
  • Column order changed for Optimized Report & System New Hire Report
Accounting features:
  • Some updates were made to different labels to accommodate to Canadian Payroll terminology
  • Created an "Unpaid" CGV in the Bills grid
UI and usability:
  • The 'Loading' animation has been changed from a bounce icon to a spinner