Deployment v43.0 03/24/2020

  • Digital Timecards Optimization:
As part of an on-going initiative to improve Digital Timecards performance, we are releasing the following optimizations:
    • Lazy-Load project drop-down items: The list of available projects for a user can be a huge list of options. By using lazy loading we are only loading a fixed number of options, significantly reducing the number of HTML elements on the page, reducing the time needed to render and process the page, and improving the application in general.
    • Set grid caching to "one" so we don't cache so many DOM nodes: With the same idea of reducing the number of HTML elements on the page, we are now caching only the last page visited. This will allow us to keep the same experience of going from the details to the grid page fast, but reducing the size of the page in general.
    • Avoid OnToggleSwitchChange and UpdateGrossSummary on page load: Part of the Timecard page load was to take the toggle values and hide or show the columns accordingly. This process took a long time for the page to render, so all of that calculation is moved to the backend and the loading time of the Timecard is reduced by over 75%.
    • Mobile-Grid Flyout view improved 2 column view: On Mobile, the grid flyout was improved to reduce the number of HTML elements needed to render it.
    • Reduce the number of DOM elements we use in leftnav: All the items in the left nav menu were refactored to need less HTML elements, reducing the overall size of the page.

  • Ability to regenerate Custom Form PDFs added
  • Disney request - when submitting Custom Forms, user must scroll to bottom of form preview window to enable 'Submit' button
  • Our system now generates the 2020 updated version of I-9 PDF for all new DSW hires
  • Netflix - ‘Check Memo’ column has been added to Timecards grid
  • Timecards can now be split while after being added to a batch
  • Approval Flows can now be batch copied between projects
  • Reminder emails can now be sent for all features that use approval flows
UI and usability:
  • Enhanced mobile grid flyouts
Other changes:
  • Production Dashboard - Column added to show Current Period Start Date
  • Cost Report Importer - When new Cost Report data is uploaded, a notification email is now sent to Dashboard Executives about updates to the Production Dashboard.
  • Canadian Payroll updates