Deployment v42.0 03/10/2020

  • Columns have been added to the ‘Employee Positions’ grid to reflect employees’ employment status (full time or variable hour) and Start Dates.
Timecards/Paymaster Timecards:
  • 'Travel / Work' has been added as a day type. Selecting this day type counts as a 'Worked' day type, and it will map to the same items as "Work" and will be available for all contract types.
  • Certain Other Earnings types will be added together and added on to the first worked day and sent to HTG. Sending these items will affect the overall paid total of the day. These other earnings include:
    • Hazard
    • Bump
    • Smoke
    • Wet
    • Hair_Bump
  • We are going to send "TV" to HTG via the API when the project is of type “Television” as HTG will use this to get certain rules.
  • Batch Name has been added to Payroll Reports. These forms should have Batch Name in their header
    • Check Details PDF
    • Payroll Preview PDF
    • Payroll Analysis PDF
    • Invoice PDF (Preliminary/Final)
  • Schedule, Divisions, ER Totals, Check Memo, and Occ Codes* have been added to Payroll Reports.
*Occ codes had already been added to PDFs. Occ codes will not show if a position does not have an occ code or a union for that position does not have occ codes enabled. Please make sure to check those when testing if Occ codes are showing or not.
Accounting features:
  • The ‘Vendors’ page has been refactored to use SignalR, bringing it in line with the rest of our list pages when it comes to how grid results are refreshed.
UI and usability:
  • Usability improvements were made to the ‘Email Settings’ page.
  • Users can now toggle email notifications for Timecards, POs, and StartWork.
From Patches:
  • A system update was made to accommodate values for the updated Massachusetts W-4.