Deployment v38.0 01/13/2020


  • W-4 2020 Changes
  • Several Payroll and Canadian Payroll changes
  • Condensed UI

From Patches:

  • W-4 2020 Changes


  1. The W-4 page in DSW has been updated to reflect changes to the 2020 version of the form.  




  1. A new global setting was added to enable W-4 2020 changes. This option has been added to Admin > System Control Panel




  •  System now generates an updated version of W-4 PDF when the 2020 version is enabled and completed by a DSW employee.
  • Core employee page has been added a new section “Federal Withholding (W4)(2020)”, to reflect changes on the 2020 version of the form (New section will be hidden until the setting is turned on).




  1. A W-4 System Update has been released for the following states (This is available in the Taxes and Withholding tab for specific employees): Mississippi, New York, Louisiana, Hawaii, Georgia, California, and Alabama.

These fields are not sent to Vertex yet.




  • Need new Calculation Variable 

New Calculation Variable was created for Unworked Holiday Hours.


  • New benefits feed


We now accommodate a new benefits provider (Revolution).




  • Day types for 6th Day and 7th added.

    6th & 7th Day have been added as selectable day types within DTC and now link to their corresponding pay items in core.

Accounting Features:

  • Accounting Report and AP Check Runs grid refreshes every 10 seconds now

 Previously, users wouldn’t be able to see recently ran reports until they refreshed the page. With the new refresh time, the grid will automatically show new reports.



  • Need .csv export for AP Aging Detail Reports to include additional data

UI and Usability:

  • Condensed UI

     Application layout has been 20-25% more condensed, so users can do more with less scrolling.