Deployment v37.0 12/24/2019


  • Chart of Accounts

Allows viewing, adding and editing accounts. Also viewing, adding, and editing of Bank accounts. 




  • Distribution changes

Allows the distribution of an individual Transaction detail line on a closed period, into one or more lines.




  • Tax Credit

Facilitates the tracking and editing of Tax Credit codes, and its overall status on the Incentives Dashboard.




From Patches:

  • NY State Form: Preparer's Name and Title should be pulled user on final approver step.



  • Allow only one pending I-9 form at a time - removes ‘Add’ button when a Pending form exists.



  • Core Employees Change.

When a paymaster enters a new paper employee to core, and an email address exists, they will be automatically invited to GSW as a user. 




  • Change timecard calculation-type variables to be calculated by position, rather than the entire timecard.


  • Add 'Needs Splitting' column to 'Timecards' page - shows timecards with changes in ‘Project’ or  ‘Location’ column.




  • Save code defaults entered in 'Codes' panel at top of Timecard page.





  • Update checkbox name to 'Show Inactive Projects'.


  • Several Payroll Report changes

Users and Roles:

  • Add Other Forms access to system roles - rework of who can see ‘Other Forms’ page


  • Action added to allow deactivation of global positions.

Accounting Features:

  • General checkrun improvements



  • New Search GL Function in GSA has a column that lists the "Company Code", which is included when exporting to CSV file.


  • Add Payment Terms to PO's & Bills.


UI and Usability:

  • Design standards from Transaction Pages applied to Purchase Orders.


  • When password is expired, don't log user in, just show a "New Password" field.


  • PO, GL and Account grids upgraded to system standard using Signal R.


  • Signal R standard added to Form Actions: Create, Delete and Update


  • Hover state added to dashboard panels.

Other changes:

  • When a Simple Project is created, store it in the same table as other Production Dashboard projects.


  • Touch ID login for GreenSlate app!


  • Several Canadian payroll changes


  • Insert vertex deduction Union dues


  • Add new column isCanadianEHT to fringes tables




  • Processed Payroll Report - Add Project Currency