Deployment v36.0 12/03/2019


  • Pay Runs - Validation has been added to stop Paymasters from processing a pay run when pay date is in different year
  • Refined Timecard PDF - Timecard values are now generated dynamically into PDF, shows clients all the information they’ve populated. Now shows Division, Multi-Location, etc.
  • Optimize PO Details - PO details now load load 35% faster 
  • Payroll Processing optimizations

From Patches: 

  • Show ‘Project’ and ‘Divisions’ columns in the Hours Timecard when multi-project Timecards are enabled for the project. 
  • PO Performance Improvements
  • Expense Accounts Only filter added to gsaReports


  • ‘Preview & Sign’ functionality was added  to I-9 and W-4 forms. The user will have this preview before submitting the form. 
  • Field ordering to Custom Form setup to improve user experience
  • ‘Pending’ status changed to ‘Submitted for Approval’ in the startwork wizard page.
  • ‘Required’ dashboard tile convention and some visual enhancements were applied to DSW tiles on Dashboard to increase visibility.
  • Dashboard tiles reordered by priority. Startwork titles will be before timecards.  Start Work tiles will be displayed before the timecards title to follow the order you need to complete them. 
  • I-9 - Remove (mm/dd/yyyy) from expiration date field. We removed a duplicated label. 


  • PDF Enhancement - Last-Man-In columns were added to the  Hours grid 
  • PDF Enhancement - Grossing Table multiplier column width was increased.
  • PDF Enhancement - Other Earnings and Deductions table rows height were improved/limited
  • Refined Timecard PDF - see Highlights section
  • Permission to Stop Negative Gross Timecards - see Highlights section

Accounting Features:

  • ‘Status’ indicator added to info bar for all transaction pages
  • AP Check Runs - Edit option was removed 
  • Optimize PO Details.  PO details now load load 35% faster 


  • ‘Override Correct Answers' checkbox & logic added - enables page to be submitted with generic checkboxes
  • Disclosure grid sizing improvements 

UI and Usability:

  • Enhanced document pager (global component)