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How to: Enter a Journal Entry

Step 1: On the left navigation in the Accounting section, click JOURNAL ENTRIES.



Step 3: Select the vendor from the Vendor drop down menu and enter a JE# (or select to Auto Generate a # when the form is submitted), the JE Date, the Effective Date, and the Summary Description.  NOTE: If the vendor is not listed, under Accounting on the left navigation, click VENDORS and submit a new vendor.  Once you submit the vendor, you will be able to select it from the drop down when creating the journal entry


Step 4: In the Details field, select an account code from the Account drop down menu.  The Total and Description will auto-populate from the information entered above.  You can also select a work state, episode, 1099 code, free code, or tax credit code if they are enabled on the project.

Step 5: To add additional items, click ADD ITEM and complete the fields in Step 4.  Adjust the total of each line to balance to the Total Amount. 

Step 6: To upload a file to the journal entry, use the drag and drop feature or click UPLOAD in the Files field on the lower right. 

Step 7: Use the Notes section to make any notes for your employer and click SUBMIT NOTE. 

Step 8: To submit the journal entry, click SUBMIT.  NOTE: You can click SAVE DRAFT to save a draft of the purchase order to edit and submit at a later date.


Step 9: Upon submitting the journal entry, a window will open in which you can sign by holding the left mouse button if you are on a desktop computer or with your finger if you are using a mobile device. NOTE: Your signature will be saved for future approvals after you have completed this step once.


NOTE: Once the journal entry is submitted, it will automatically appear in GreenSlate Accounting as an unposted transaction.  The accountant can continue to make changes to the journal in the accounting software prior to posting.