Deployment v35.0 11/04/2019


  • Allow for any number of signatures on a PDF. This applies to Transactions, Timecards, Start Forms and POs. Signatures come from the approval flow steps.
  • Add 'Schedule' dropdown and 'Apply Scale Rate' button to Start Form. Used for HTG projects only, applies scale rate for specified position but remains editable
  • Add conditional approval flow to DSW forms if rate is above scale. Big change! Makes Start Form approval flow step required if rate is above scale rate for that position. Similar to ‘require if $’ on POs. 
  • Action to copy all roles from one user onto another. This will save a lot of time when you have to assign roles to a new user.
  • Mobile Design. Several Changes were applied to the Mobile version of the app, to improve usability.
  • Add 'Payroll Settings' panels to the bottom of Personal Info page. As a way to improve the workflow of getting users to opt-in to Digital Tax Docs & paperless Direct Deposits, we want to duplicate the same panels found in Payroll Settings into Personal Info.

From Patches: 

  • Add Ability to Clone Transaction. This applies to Bills, Check Request, Petty Cash, Invoices, Journal Entries, Credit Memo.  This is to mimic the GSA feature.
  • Performance Improvements in PO approval
  • Default location code/all default coding from currency rates tab will auto populate on digital timecards. This was a client request to avoid having to populate those values if they already have a default value in GSA.
  • Watermark was added to PO PDF when the PO is not fully approved. 
  • Data Import Page was created under the Accounting. With this you will be able to upload CSV files associated to the project where they are uploaded.
  • PC- Auto-generate PC/CP account option was added in vendor screen. The account number will be the next sequential and available # in the PC/CP account range.
  • Allow coding on digital timecards to be edited at any time until you request previews for the batch. This will allow users with grossing permission to edit codes (Account, Location, Episode, Set, Tax Credit, FF1, FF2, FF3] at any time until you request previews for the batch.
  • Auto populate fringe account code when timecards are moved. The following codes are included:
    • Labor Account CodeFringe Account Code
    • Box Rental Account Code
    • Mileage Account Code
    • Per Diem Account Code
    • Meal Allowance Account Code
    • Cell Phone Account Code
    • Car Rental Account Code
    • Accrual Account Code
    • Deductions Account Code
  • Check that the vendor is committed before fully approving any transaction. This applies to
    • Bills
    • Check Requests
    • Journal Entries
    • Petty Cash
    • CP Envelopes
  • Make Emergency Contact email not required.
  • Refactor DSW Grid to use SignalR. This is a performance improvement in DSW


  • Add 'Paymaster Timecard' column to 'Update Batch' and 'Create Batch'. We needed reference to
  • Add 'Work Location' to 'Paymaster' section of Paymaster timecard. We originally only collected work location at the client level, with no way for the Paymaster to change it except on the Timesheet. This change added a ‘Work Location’ field to the Paymaster timecard.

  • Add files attached to custom forms, Start Form, and Project Start Work page to DSW packet. Files added via file uploader are now added to PDF when downloaded.
  • HTG - Add 'Last Man' columns to accommodate Union contract requests Columns to meet Union rules for meal times
  • HTG - Scale Rate Validation Digital Start Forms. On HTG projects, prevents Start Forms from being approved with rates below scale rate for that position
  • Ignore TC column toggles in mobile view. This just means we show all fields on the mobile version of the Digital Timecard, regardless of any settings applied by the user on the desktop version of the timecard.

  • Move 'Position' & Day Type' columns on desktop & inputs on mobile. Pushed fields that are automatically populated to end of timecard
  • Paymaster Timecards - Extend values in 'Pay Rate' column to 4 digits past decimal point.
  • Populate Scale Rate in core project employee with CHTG scale rate. Core Timesheet part of Scale Rate tickets - HTG only
  • Show 'Awaiting My Approval' tab only to users with Timecard2.Access.All permission. Shows tab only to users who approve timecards, prevents confusion for many users.

  • Refine order of 'Items' dropdown in Paymaster timecard. Puts earnings types in order within dropdown was very confusing previously 


  • Accounting Reports - Changed 'Submit' button text to 'Run'. This was a simple text change
  • Add new reports to reporting site. New Hire, System New Hire, and SSN Verification reports were added to the reporting site.
  • Project Type columns was added to the WC Audit Report

Accounting Features:

  • Mark transaction detail amounts when they differ from the attached PO open balance.
    • It will be marked with a red triangle if the new amount is higher than the PO detail open balance.
    • It will be marked with a green triangle if the new amount is lower than the PO detail open balance.


  • Ability to have Excel Reports show Formulas
  • Set Code description was added on Card Payment reports
  • Balance Sheet Updates to Report #603 to remove duplicated totals and change working.


  • Added Retirement flag to fringes/deductions. This is a just a new flag for now.
  • Break out fringes and allow for default coding.   Break out default tax credit codes in Core in the Project Employee Position and Rates tab.Break out the Fringes account codes and default tax credit codes into 5 sections: WC, State, Federal, Handling Fee, and P&W. Default TC and Fringe Codes from the project employee will  populate the  AI.
  • Coogan DD File Generation Error. This is a control in place for void and reissues with Coogan DDs on them.
  • Net Advance Deduction will only be available for users with
  • Stop the ability to duplicate a payrun. This will prevent issues in payroll processing.
  • Send user back to 'My Trainings' page after viewing certificate.  Completes user flow for Trainings users
  • Trainings - Add file uploader to 'Create Unit' page. Allows for attachment of PDFs & additional images to Unit

UI and Usability:

  • Add Dashboard tile for Payroll Settings.  This is any user who has not opted-in to Digital Tax Docs.
  • Allow keyboard navigation of editable grids. We now allow using the arrow keys to navigate between cells of the grids
  • Better visual distinction between grid header and rows. Filters row was styled to look like part of the grid header more than the rows
  • Organize Left Nav. Items under the GL menu option were moved to the same level as the GL for easier access.
  • Style updates in Journal Entries page
  • Timecard Pre- Create change window size to make better use of the space.