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Release Notes 35.0 11/4/2019

Digital POs: PDF with Watermark

We've made an update to our digital PO PDFs to allow for greater visibility into the status of the PO in the approval process! If a PO is not yet fully approved, but production needs to send out a PDF, the PDF will have a "pending approval" watermark across it.  This watermark will no longer appear on the PDF once the PDF is fully approved by production.

To view the PDF of a pending PO, click Purchase Orders on the left navigation then click Print to PDF.  The PDF will open in a new tab automatically.

Digital Transactions: Over/Under PO Balance Indicator 

Knowing if you will have a remaining balance on your PO is even easier with the addition of the PO indicators on digital transactions! When using a PO to create a digital bill or check request, if the bill/check request creator adjusts the amount of the detail line associated with the PO, a green or red indicator will appear in the Amount field.  

If the amount of the detail line is changed after adding the PO and it is under the PO detail open balance, there will be a green indicator in the upper right of the field. If the amount if over the PO detail balance, there will be a red indicator.  

Digital Transactions: Cloning 

With our new cloning functionality, creating digital transactions is even faster for production! Once a transaction is submitted, it can be immediately cloned by the creator regardless of the approval status.  The transaction creator can clone the original transaction and simply add the new invoice number or make any other necessary adjustments and submit rather than re-entering all fields on an entirely new transaction. 

To clone a transaction, go to the transaction's grid, whether it be bills or check requests, then click Clone from the Actions drop down next to the transaction you would like to clone.  A window will open the duplicated transaction with all fields completed except the Invoice #.  Enter the invoice # and make changes if needed then click Submit.