Deployment v34.0 10/09/2019

Conditional Approval Flow Steps


This new feature will allow for the creation of approval flow steps within projects which can be required conditionally, based on the amount of the transaction taking place. At first, these conditional approval flow steps will be used for PO’s only and will provide a great deal of flexibility in the approval process. 



See the original ticket for a full specification of this enhancement:



From Patches 


  • The ability to regenerate custom forms PDF’s was added.  



  • A new document order has been implemented for Start Work packet PDF, based on client suggestions.  This new order is:


  1. Start Form
  2. I9
  3. W-4
  4. State form 
  5. Custom Forms
  6. Start Work Wizard Files




  • Custom grid views were added to 'Custom Forms' list page, as requested by a client. This will give you an easy way to find the ones you need to approve and the ones which are fully approved. 





  • New ‘My Check Requests’ menu item was added 






  •                     Post option was added to Actions and Batch actions on the transactions grid and GL. This option will allow you to post from the web and will save you the time required to do that from GSA.







  • When timecards are moved to a new project, coding will be adjusted to pull from the destination project



  • Custom Grid Views are now visible at mobile resolution for all grids in which they exist. 




  • If set codes are required, they will be preselected with default set code 000.
     This change applies to:
  •         Timecards Hours + Gross
  •         Purchase Orders
  •         All transaction types
  •         PEX cards, envelopes




  • Now optional forms custom forms are also displayed in the ‘Digital Start Work’ list page. With this change, columns are present for Approved Req. Custom Forms, Outstanding Req. Custom Forms, Approved Opt. Custom Forms and Outstanding Opt. Custom Forms. 







  • File uploader was added to Project Start Work page. This allows any PDFs / Scans to be added to an employee’s Digital Start Work packet.






  • For all Custom Forms, we now show a preview modal when a form is submitted, ensuring that the user has seen the form that they are submitting. This enhancement was made after several clients had requested it.







  • Auto Populate hours into 'Grossing' section of Digital Timecard for exempt employees.
    • For daily employees, we prepopulate the daily hours on any worked day
    • For weekly employees, we do the same but use their guaranteed hours/5.


  • Changed project setting label for timecard new line from” Enable New Button” to “Enable Timecard Day "New Line" Button”




  • Timecards "pre-create" page will open in a pop-up window by default.







  • A more concise layout that was created for our PO create page was applied to Timecards page. You’ll notice a better use of the space in the ‘Codes area and less scrolling for the ‘Hours’ / ‘Grossing’ grids. 





  • In the SSA Verification Reportwe are going to begin confirming SSNs in our payroll system based on what the SSA has on file.



  • Updated Copy/Paste Templates with Japanese version


  • Increased character length for Customer Notes for AR invoices


  • Company Code was added to GSA Reports




  • Ability to insert images via editor has been added, allowing for inline images / videos to be added to Trainings.






  • New Due Date Settings panel has been added, enabling more flexibility for Trainings due dates. 




  • 'Training must be completed every ____ days' option has been added to allow for Trainings to be taken again on a regular basis. This enables Trainings to be used for CA state Sexual Harassment Training.




  • 'Archived' column was added to ‘My Trainings’ list page to indicate which trainings have been archived.


UI and Usability


  • A consistent width has been established for dropdowns. All dropdowns will keep a consistent width and won’t be resized depending on the text. 


  • Deleted rows in grids are removed automatically. Once you get a Signal R Notification about a deleted row, that row will disappear automatically. 


  • We increased the number of projects displayed in the project selector. 



  • A Standardized notification color (red) has been established in the left nav, which matches our notification color in the top nav.


Other changes:


  • Prepaid Cards is using Signal R now and will generate live notifications about updates in the grid items.


  • An ‘Enable Divisions was added to project settings to give control over the use of Divisions.




  • The following options remain enabled when payroll is not enabled, allowing for their use on non-payroll projects: 
    • Create missing approval flows
    • Create Role
    • Create Division
    • Invite User



  • Delete action was added in Incentives dashboard



  • Print status is now displayed within Batches disclosure



  • The ability to delete drafts of approval flow configuration has been added


  • In the ‘File Manager’ widget, a generic file icon will be shown when there is no thumbnail image to display.