Deployment v33.0 09/10/2019



  • Hide 'Basic Info' panel until the employee has accepted the invitation and filled it


  • Add file uploader to Start Form page





  • Adjust Digital Start Work page columns & logic





  • Timecard pdf is available before grossing is fully approved.



  • Project Settings - Require employees to submit hours. When checked, timecards submitted with a value of '0' in the 'Hours' column for any Worked days will produce a validation message “Hours must be entered for all days worked”





GSW Accounting


  • UI improvements in all transaction’s pages.





  • The option to close a PO when the PO amount is higher than the Bill.



  • Commit action was removed from all transactions



  • Bug fixes for Bills and Check Requests





  • System New Hire Report





  • Add Company Code. Add additional code that Could be "required" but not for budgeting. If 'required' code should always be enforced

    • Will be added as filter to all reports
    • Will have bulk editing dropdown in PR import
    • Will have bulk editing dropdown in all entry forms
    • Will be allowed for Edit Transaction details
    • Will be allowed for editing in transactions
    • Will have default selected in Currency Rates
    • Will have default Trial Balance accounts like currencies