Deployment v32.0 08/12/2019

New Courses Feature


In this release we have included the new Courses Feature, which will allow you to create and assign training courses to employees. Will be used for New York State Sexual Harassment training, accountant training, team onboarding, etc. 


Course Setup Page



Company Level - Manage Courses Page



My Courses Page:





From Patches 


  1. We released a new feature which will make list pages load much faster after you’ve already loaded them once. It is currently included in the following pages:


  • Digital Timecards
  • Digital Batches
  • Purchases Orders
  • Accounting Reports Grid 


The change includes 2 great enhancements:


  • Automatic Refresh: When you return to any of these grids after adding or modifying a row, the grid will be reloaded automatically to reflect your changes immediately.


  • Real Time Notifications:  If there are any changes in the grid you are working on, you’ll get a notification and you will know it’s time to refresh.


This is how Real Time Notifications works:


1.       The main message will be displayed when you are in one of the grids and someone else creates, deletes or edits a row in that grid.


2.       When one of the rows in the grid you have loaded, is modified by someone else, the corresponding row in the grid will be highlighted in yellow.


3.       When one of the rows in the grid you have loaded, is deleted by someone else, the corresponding row in the grid will be highlighted in red.




  1. Allow users to email PDFs from a PO Page
  1. Ohio New Hire Reporting

General Changes:


  • COA Mapper. Copy existing mapping from a project



  • Enabling any setting such as payroll or Custom Forms will make the option available right after you refresh the page.



  • Use Filter widget has been added to custom form configuration, will be used across app.






  • Add Populate Guarantee Button to DTC and checkbox to enabled it to Contracts - specifically for Teamsters. Populates first Timecard.




  • Arrange timecard order inside batch disclosure by Union, Employee Name and Labor Account Code - inherit settings specified in ‘Detail Sorting Order’ dropdown.


  • Hide 'Memo' field on 'Timecard' & 'Batch' pages. Only shows when memo is needed on physical check.


  • Validation so that positions with different WC cannot be on same digital timecard. Gives error message if positions have different WC types.


  • Ability to send HTG days from a previously worked timecard to the current timecard





Vendors and Customers


  • Allow special characters in Vendor and Customer names (@, #,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~,-,(,))



  • Some changes in these reports: Corporate Profit and Loss Report #603, 604, 605, 606


  • Permission flag to Update Currency Rates and Budgets after 1st period is closed


  • Add project permission flag for editing PO's in GSA permissions


  • Change AP checks to print alphabetically by vendor name instead of vendor code


  • Show Invoices in transaction # order on AP check stub


  • Cost Report toggle in GSA to be able to toggle whether "uncommitted" DPOs show up.


  • Login field should populate with whatever username the client is set up to use. 


●        If their GSW credentials are linked to GSA, it should populate with their email address


●        If their GSW credentials are NOT linked to GSA, it should populate with their Citrix username


  • Uploaded files in GSA Document Management won’t be accessible in Project Documents in GSW