Deployment v31.0 07/15/2019

Start Work Enhancements: 


  • Start Work forms will be under a Digital Start Work Menu option
  •  Custom Grid views will be added: : "Complete" "Incomplete" and "All" 




General Changes:


·         Split the codes permission by payroll and accounting



From Patches 


These features were released recently and are already available in production. 


  • I9  and W4  will show up in  Modal 


  • Calculate Overtime Only checkbox to DTC


  • For SAG timecards:

    • Travel Arrive time will pass as Makeup In Time if it has a value
    • Travel out time will pass as Makeup out if it has a value
  • Reports : 

    • New York State New Hire Program Electronic Transfer 
    • Alternative  EOR Name Field for ADP files
  • GSA: 

    • Update Description format when using Grab Clipboard on CASHet export
    • 1099 Vendor Field added on GL and Edit reports


  • Add the ability to approve and commit a PO


  • Add the ability to approve and commit a Vendor


  • Unsplit button in timecards




  • Export for I-9. W4. Start Form & Custom Forms grids


  • Show Custom Forms in Start Work packet





  • Attachments are included in the Timecard PDF




  • Accordion chevron style changes




  • 1099 Vendor added to GL Reports 


  • Added  a header to Distribution Changes.  


  • Added  a header to Year End transactions.  


  • Add Change In Variance Column to Cost Report Worksheet



Project File Manager:


·         Add file actions and batch actions to the Project File Manager