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Custom Start Work Forms

Custom Forms

Project specific startwork forms can now be submitted and approved digitally through the application, further simplifying the employee's onboarding experience.  Along with the I9, W4, Start Form and State Labor Law Form that are standard in the employee's project startwork, GreenSlate can also upload any custom forms that the production may need the employee to complete upon starting work on the project, including a direct deposit form.  Once the forms are fully approved, a PDF of the form can be generated as well with all fields completed and signatures applied.

Custom Forms can each have their own customized approval flow and can be required by all employees or optional if only needed to be completed by some.  Employees and approvers can also upload attachments to the custom forms via the file uploaders.  If you would like to utilize our custom forms on a project, please reach out to support and provide a PDF of the form and they will be happy to assist in setting it up for you!