How To: View Check Copies and Payroll History (Employee)

Employee Payroll History 

The Payroll History feature allows for all employees to view all their current and past project's earning on one grid.  From this page, they can view their check copies and all timecards and Personal Info that are completed digitally.  Employees who are not currently working on a project that is utilizing digital timecards or startwork, can still be invited to the application to access their Payroll History, rather than the employee having to reach out to production for old pay stubs after the project has wrapped.  

To access the Payroll History, the employee has to be invited to the project and create their password (if they don't already have an account), then click PAYROLL HISTORY in the My Profile section on the left navigation.  On the Payroll History grid, from the Actions drop down menu, the employee can view their check copy, personal info, and timecard.  They can also click any items in blue on the grid to view the associated document.