Deployment v27.0 03/25/2019


General Features/Changes:

  • The Loading Bar color on the top of the page has been changed to a Brand Blue in order to more differentiate between existing app colors.



  • Digital:

§  Default Work Location will no longer be selected on Timecards if there is more than one location available to select.


Digital Start Work:

  • I-9 Documents can now require photos based on the setting set on the Company Settings page.
  • I-9 Documents have been separated out from the Personal Info page to the I-9 Form page and will be specific to each newly created I-9. 



  • Visual Fox Pro:

§  Allow all currency locations

§  AP Aging report #658 & 657 do not bring in cross project data

§  Change Journal Entries to have level 1 and level 0

§  Detail Trial Balance Currency Converter not Showing Correctly

§  EFC changes report when exported to excel leaves out the reason for changes that are present in the pdf

§  Make Free Codes Inactive - GreenSlate Accounting

  • General Migrations:

§  Multiple improvements to the Import Storage feature have been applied

  • Digital Bill & Check Requests:

§  A Check Register can now generate 

§  Users with the right permissions can now Reprint Checks.

§  Approval Flow steps will now show within the Check Run