Deployment v25.0 02/04/2019

General Features/Changes:

  • The "Login to GreenSlate Accounting" link has been slightly modified to bring users straight to the Accounting Login Page instead of redirecting multiple times.
  • Approval Flow Versioning has been added to the system, the team can now select or configure approval flows and switch between them based on the feature/functionality. Versions will be connotated with a version and number for the specific feature on the page.
  • Certain Workers Compensation Tax calculations for Washington and Oregon have been implemented.


When new items are added to a Grid (Timecard, PO, Employee, etc) they will be inserted into the correct position based on Sort order.§  On any columns with the title of Email will now have the addresses formatted to a "mailto link"§  Issue with styling of the "Select All" checkboxes has been corrected

  • Issue with text on Dashboard tiles has been centered for any misaligned elements.

  Digital Timecards:

  • 2.0:

§  Issue with spacing for Name columns of Employees has been resolved.§  Issue with hitting the Submit/Create button allowing multiple timecards to be created has been resolved.§  Issue with Employee rate displaying with 2 decimal places on the Timecard when the rate has 4 decimal places in Core has been resolved. It will now display with four places for a clearer approximation.

  • Issue with Digital Batches Grids on Mobile displaying the Approve/Reject button has been resolved, it will now appear from the action dropdown.

 Digital Start Work:

  • Employee Prefill has been started, where an Employer will now be able to Prefill an Employee's information from the Invites Grid. An Employee will now be created for a Project at a slightly different time in the DSW process. 
  • Issue with the inability to delete Start Forms based on certain conditions has been corrected, they can now be deleted based on the correct conditions.

 Purchase Orders:

  • On the Grid, users can now search and filter all columns except columns like the Select, Attachments, Actions, and Open Balance columns.
  • A Creator Column in reference to the User that created the PO on the web, has been added when on the Details Tab of a grid.


GSA Reports in GSW:

  • Criteria for the 4 existing Reports in GSW have been aligned with their search criteria in GSA.

  • A UserId column has been added to the User Grid for easier testing between Development sites.
  • Additional styling/design enhancements have been made to the Project Settings page for clarity when toggling any settings.
  • Account Code and Labor Account Code have been removed from areas that they are not relevant to.
  • Issue with User Impersonation causing emails to be sent to certain addresses when testing on Development Sites has been corrected.