Deployment v24.0 01/21/2019

General Features/Changes:

  • A "GreenSlate News" Dashboard tile has been added, and with the right permissions, users will be able to see this bulletin board of messages with updates to the system and other announcements.
  • A Delete option has been added for Invites/Users Grids in the case that they are sent out in error or are no longer relevant for the Employee.
  • A Dashboard Tile has been added for "My Tax Documents"

For Grids:

  • Previously un-groupable columns can now be grouped when they are dragged into the blue area.
  • System Custom Grid Views can now be "unpinned", when mousing over any of the system views you can see an (x) to remove the item. They can be restored from the Views dropdown at the right of on top of the Grid area.
  • Issues with Accounting Feature functionality not triggering notifications has been resolved (on POs, Vendors, Customers, etc). Compared to before, where notifications and items on the grid would not prompt the user to approve them, they will now properly notify the user and display correctly.
  • Issue with Users unable to save their Payroll Settings if they are on a different Project they are not an Employee of has been resolved.

  Digital Timecards:

  • Issues with Mobile Timecard views displaying buttons and other elements incorrectly during the presence of a flyout panel has been resolved.

 Digital Start Work:

  • On Deal Memos, Box Rental and Per Diem Rates will now be shown to employees when the Employer submits on the behalf of an Employee.
  • Issue with Deal Memo submitters pulling the wrong division when first filling out the Deal Memo has been resolved. 
  • Issue with validation on I-9s being able to be approved without marking the Certification checkbox has been resolved.

 Purchase Orders:

  • Issue with some fields looking Editable after the PO has been completed has been resolved.


  • GSA "Accounting Reports" have started migration into GSW and some Reports will be available to generate in the on the Web
  • Bills & Check Requests have been started some migration into GSW
  • Ability to link a GSA and GSW user has been included, which can be modified from the Manage Users grid in GSW
  • Add range of episodes to Tax Credit Summary module
  • PO's Created from GSA should have a division associated
  • Lock Add/Edit of Expense accounts for any Netflix project