How to: Batch Invite Employees (Paper Startwork)

To Batch Invite Employees:

Step 1: Click EMPLOYEES on the left.


Step 2: Check the boxes to the left of the employees you would like to invite.


The Project Access column will show which employees still need to be invited by having a NO value in that column. If an employee who already has YES in the Project Access column is selected, the application will skip sending them an additional invite.


Step 3: Click SEND INVITE from the Batch Actions drop down.


Step 4: Add any additional roles the employees need then click INVITE. (The role of Employee will appear by default) NOTE: If the project is using divisions, a division will have to be selected as well. Only batch invite employees who will have the same roles/be in the same division.


The employees will receive an email containing a link to create his/her password.