Deployment v23.0 12/26/2018

General Features/Changes:

  • Batch Invites have been added to the Employee Grid via the Batch Actions. If the Employee has a "Project Access" status of "No" on the Grid, then users can use the "Send Invite" batch action to invite users to the Project.
  • Tooltips have been added to the Compact and Comfortable Grid buttons to more clearly indicate the Grid View Type.
  • For all newly created projects, the "Email me when I receive a notification of any type" settings will default to On.
  • In Payroll Settings, Users will now be able to set their Direct Deposit vouchers to be printed, which will override the project settings.
  • Issue with Header button spacing in the Check Printing Application has been corrected
  • On Grids, columns where the Actions and Reports Dropdowns were present have been combined into one bigger Dropdown.

  Digital Timecards:

  • Version 2.0:

§  Users will now be able to set different locations per day in both Hours and Grossing Sections. In order to toggle this functionality on, the "Multi Location TC" setting must be turned on in the Project Settings.§  Issue with the Total Grid not displaying proper values when opening a fully approved TC has been resolved.§  Issue with Day Type Dropdown disallowing changes if the row was copied/pasted has been resolved§  Issue with Timecards unable to be opened after being submitted as a 1.0 TC has been resolved. 

Digital Start Work:

  • Issue with inconsistency in naming for I-9s and W-4s throughout the application has been corrected.
  • Issue with W-4 Exempt Status PDF Generation/Saving has been resolved, it should now properly generate a PDF for an Employee.

Custom Forms:

§  Checkboxes are now available to select and configure for a Custom Form. §  Users can now Preview a PDF of the Custom Form by clicking the "Preview" button at the bottom in the Sticky Footer.§  Custom Forms can now be copied between projects, if a Custom Form is already set up in one project, a user can now copy the PDF/Settings/Configurations into another project.§  Issue with Custom Form Names breaking the Project Settings page has been resolved. Support can now use special characters when setting up the Custom Form Configuration. 

Purchase Orders:

  • The PO Details Grid has been enhanced for performance, when opening large POs with many lines, it should perform just as quickly as any smaller PO.
  • Issue with PO's Episode and Location Drop Downs are not populating values in rows has been resolved
  • Issue with PO Location Code and Episode not displaying when the PO is read only has been resolved


  • GSA Edit Transaction Details - no States in the dropdown list
  • When selecting lines from pick list of Import Storage items insert those lines in the detail grid in the order they selected them
  • Disable Budget changes in CR Worksheet if Enter Budgets is available
  • Enable the ability to insert a line in the detail grid via right click.
  • Cost Report with ETC % Remaining based on ETC / EFC

 Additional Changes:

  • Check Memos have been adjusted to 200 characters max instead of the original 500 characters.
  • User names will now display in the Support Chat widget.