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Release Notes 21.0 11/12/2018

Timecards 2.0

GreenSlate has made our digital timecards even better with the release of our Timecards 2.0.  Taking into account all our clients amazing feedback, we've made improvements and added additional features to make our timecards even more robust, easy to use, and efficient to ensure that submitting and approving timecards is completed with ease throughout production.  

Having made updates to both the hours and grossing grids, employees can toggle on and off the lunch/dinner columns if needed and add on their other earnings when they submit their hours so it will easily transfer over to grossing.  Aside from adding in the details of their other earnings, attachments can now also be added to timecards by both the employees and approvers.  We've added in the ability to add in coding when the timecards is still in the hours part of the approval flow as well, allowing for the hours approver to add in codes if needed before the grossing is completed. We've also improved our copy hours/grossing functionality to allow the user to copy from not just the week before, but any of the past four weeks of timecards processed.

If you would like to use Timecards 2.0 in a new or existing project, please contact support and we can enable this for you!

Custom Forms

Project specific startwork forms can now be submitted and approved digitally through the application, further simplifying the employee's onboarding experience.  Along with the I9, W4, Start Form and State Labor Law Form that are standard in the employee's project startwork, GreenSlate can also upload any custom forms that the production may need the employee to complete upon starting work on the project, including a direct deposit form.  Once the forms are fully approved, a PDF of the form can be generated as well with all fields completed and signatures applied.

Custom Forms can each have their own customized approval flow and can be required by all employees or optional if only needed to be completed by some.  Employees and approvers can also upload attachments to the custom forms via the file uploaders.  If you would like to utilize our custom forms on a project, please reach out to support and provide a PDF of the form and they will be happy to assist in setting it up for you! 

Employee Earnings History

Viewing an employee's payroll history and generating an Earnings History report can now be easily done within the Greenslate application.  Users with the appropriate permissions can view any employee's payroll history in the project and then run the employee's Earnings History reports rather then having to contact the paymaster on the project to generate it for them.  

To view the employee's payroll history, click Employees on the left navigation then click the Actions drop down menu next to the employee's name.  Click Employee Payroll History then check the boxes next to specific paychecks or all.  Click Earnings History Report from the Batch Actions drop down menu and the report will open in a new tab.  

Startwork Packet

Production now has the ability to view and print an employee's entire start work packet at once.  Aside from viewing the PDF of each startwork document, once the document has been approved, production or the employee can view and/or save/print a PDF that contains their I9, W4, start form, and state labor law form if applicable with all the approvers signatures.  

To generate the PDF of all startwork documents, click Employees on the left navigation then click on the specific employee's name.  In the upper right, click View Startwork Packet and the startwork PDF packet will open in a new window.

Additional Fields on Start Form

An employee's box rental and per diem rates can now be entered on their start form with our new additional fields.  Whether the start form is pre-filled or the employee submits, the box rental and per diem rates can be entered in the appropriate fields and then be approved along with the rest of their start work.  The approver will also be able to add account codes for each that will appear on their payroll import into the accounting software.  

To enter the box rental or per diem rates, go to the employee's Project Startwork page then click Add in the Start Form section.  Complete the Box Rental and/or Per Diem sections by entering the rate and selecting the rate type.  The account code fields will only show if the user entering or approving the start form has the permission to do so.  Once all other required fields on the start form are completed, click Submit.