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Release Notes 18.0 09/18/2018

Batch Actions: Add to Batch

Creating and sending a batch to your paymaster is even faster with our new "Add to Batch" Batch Actions feature.  Timecards can be added to a batch individually or you can add several digital timecards to a batch at once with just two clicks of your mouse! The Add to Batch feature allows you to add all unbatched digital timecards to the batch you are creating then quickly save it and have it ready to request the preview.

To use the Add to Batch feature, create a batch or click on an existing unsent batch on the Batches grid.  Scroll down to the Add To Batch section then check the box at the top of the Select column to select all or check the boxes next to the individual timecards you would like to add to this batch.  Click Batch Actions on the right then click Add to Batch from the drop down menu.  Click Save on the lower right to save your batch. 

Other Forms: File Uploader

Custom startwork forms that need to be completed by your project's employees can be easily distributed to the crew via our new file uploader feature.  Aside from the PDFs that GreenSlate includes in the Other Forms section by default, project specific files can also be uploaded on this page to be downloadable by all employees with digital startwork access. 

To add a file to the Other Forms page, click Other Forms on the left navigation then click Select Files in the Files section.  Choose the file from your computer then click Open and the file will upload automatically.  If you have the permissions to upload a file, you can click on the title of the file and it will open the file in a new window where you can select to download or delete from the Actions drop down menu and notes can be submitted.  You can also check the box to the right of the file then click the download button that appear in the upper right of the Files section.  Note that employees will only have the option to view/download.  They cannot delete files or add notes.