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Release Notes 8.6 02/01/2018

Paperless Accounting Workflows: Adding New Vendors

With the new Vendors feature in our web application, adding and approving vendors is an easy and quick task for production to complete.  When entering a digital purchase order with a vendor that does not currently exist in the project, the PO Creator need only add the vendor and it's ready to use when creating a purchase order.  The PO Creator can fill out the vendor information and upload a copy of the W-9, and the vendor is all set to be viewed and approved by the PO Approver.  Once the vendor is approved, the PO Accountant can commit it to the accounting software where additional purchase orders and invoices can be created for it.

To create a new vendor, click VENDORS on the left under Accounting then click CREATE VENDOR.  Fill out all required fields and any additional information available then click SUBMIT.  To approve the vendor, the PO Approver will click REVIEW from the Vendors grid.  They can click EDIT if they need to make any changes then save and click APPROVE.  The PO Accountant can now commit the vendor to the accounting software from the Actions drop down on the Vendors grid.