Release Notes 8.2.5 09/18/2017

AP Check Type: Wire

We've added an additional check type option when cutting an AP check in our Pay Bills module.  In addition to selecting between an auto check or a manual check, you now have the option to select the type "wire."  With this new check type, your general ledger will accurately reflect the specific way a transaction was paid.

To select the wire check type, click the Pay Bills icon and choose the invoice you would like to pay and click OK.  Click OK again in the Review of Checks to Print window.  Click into the Type column on the left of the Ready to Print window and a drop down menu will appear.  You can select between Auto, Manual and Wire.  When selecting "wire," you have the ability to edit the effective date, check date and check #.  When all information is correct, click START PRINTING.  A posted type C transaction will now appear in your GL with the description "Wire Transfer." 

Prepaid Cards

Our integration with prepaid cards makes setting up vendors and entering transactions an easy task.  Rather then manually adding each vendor, associating them with an account, then assigning the vendor code to each transaction before importing (as is required when using CASHét), all of this will happen automatically.  

Three times a day, prepaid card transactions will import into the project ready for use; there is no need to access the Import module.  If there is a new cardholder on an import, a corresponding vendor profile and prepaid account with the prefix "Auto," will be created in the project and all future transactions for that cardholder will be associated with that vendor/account.  To post the transactions from the import to your GL, click ENTER CARD PAYMENT from the Card Payment drop down menu then enter the vendor code that was auto-generated for that vendor and a window will open with all prepaid card transactions for that vendor.  If you would like to use prepaid cards on your project, please contact support.